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Market Segments & Applications

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Whether you are looking to have a pump repaired, an engine replaced, structures renovated or are seeking to rent or purchase new or used pumps for your irrigation application, Holland Pump can provide the solution. If you would like a Pump Consultant to contact you right away please click here. Holland Pump’s Agriculture Pump Manager, Eldon Kerns will respond shortly.

Holland Pump has a wide variety of Axial Flow (AF), Hydraulically Driven Submersible (HDS), Prime 3 Suction Lift (PT) pumps and Electric Driven Submersibles (EDS) for your applications.

Rotary Lobe Pumps (RL) are also used for pumping and spreading manure and farm chemicals, pumping and to and from anaerobic digesters. They can be driven by engine or motors, by PTO's or hydraulically as desired. The ability to run the pump in either direction is especially useful where the same pump is used to fill and drain the same tank or pit.

Typical Agriculture applications include:

  • Fish Farms
  • Shrimp Farms
  • Dairy Farms
  • Cattle Operations
  • Chicken Operations
  • Pig Operations
  • Citrus Irrigation
  • Drilling Services
  • Grouting and jet grouting applications

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Do you need the most competent advice and commonsense approach for your construction pumping project?  Get off to the right start by contacting Pump Consultant and West Palm Beach Branch Manager Brian Kieley here and he will contact you right away.

Whether you need Prime 3 Suction Lift pumps, Hydraulically Driven Pumps or Rotary Wellpoints Pump systems, Holland Pump has you covered.

Rotary Lobe Pumps are ideal for wellpointing and sock. Wellpointing and sock require that the pump be able to self prime, often to 20 ft; be able to pump both air and water without cavitation damage; and be able to overcome air leaks because of a high air handling requirements and still continue to prime. Rotary lobe pumps are now the dominate pump used for wellpointing and sock in the USA. Holland Pump has over 200 wellpoint/sock pumps in its rental fleet. We have put more than 1.5 million hours on these pumps with outstanding results.

Typical Construction applications include:

  • Building Site Preparation
  • Dust Control
  • Foundation Dewatering HDS
  • Foundation Dewatering WP
  • Wellpoint Installation
  • Highways and Road Rights of Ways
  • Lake Excavation
  • Open Ditch Pumping
  • Deep wells furnished with submersible pumps and generators
  • Eductor Wells
  • Sock Dewatering
  • Slurry Walls
  • Golf Courses
  • Golf Irrigation
  • Parks
  • Pond Cleaning
  • Water Parks
  • Tanks Rental/ Cleaning

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Emergency Pumping

Are you facing a crisis pumping situation and need pumps and logistical support immediately? Holland Pump is a registered vendor for emergency dewatering with the States of Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Please contact

Typical applications include:

  • Draught
  • Temporary Fire Pumps (Jet Pumps)
  • Flooding
  • Hurricanes
  • Standby Lift Stations

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Although dewatering for environmental applications can be a small percentage of the overall cost of your project, Holland Pump recognizes that more and more, a savvy dewatering approach can be a key factor in obtaining both jobs and ensuring your project is on time and on budget.

Holland Pump has a long record of success in water management project and with the ACOE. If you need assistance on your project contact our Ft. Myers Pump Consultant Mike Cressman here and he will be in contact you right away.

Typical applications include:

  • Structures
  • Pump Stations
  • Wetland Restoration
  • Canal Bypass

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Rotary lobe pumps are often used for recovering oily water with solids or corrosives because it is self priming, is low shear and can handle abrasives. Centrifugal pumps will thoroughly emulsify oil and water making their eventual separation for disposal more difficult and hence expensive.

These pumps are also well suited for stripping tower applications, and for removing ground contaminants such as lead or arsenic. The pumps are well suited for pumping clean bentonite into slurry walls because the low shear and low speed results in less damage. Email Holland Pump about your application.

Typical applications include:

  • Oil Recovery
  • Bentonite Cleaning
  • Arsenic Recovery
  • Lead Recovery
  • Petroleum recovery
  • Land Reclamation
  • Slurry Walls
  • Drilling Services
  • Tank Rental/ Cleaning

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Food Processing Industry

Rotary Lobe Pumps are commonly used for pumping sludge in the waste stream to and from beltpresses and centrifuges because of their ability to pump thick, viscous and/or abrasive materials containing hard solids up to 1/8” (3 mm) with a metered, pulseless flow. Email LobePro about your application.

Pulp and Paper Industry

Rotary Lobe Pumps are used to pump clay slurry, paper coating TI02 pigment, bio-solids waste sludge, resins, soap scums, latex, and starch slurries. API 676 pumps are available if required as well as stainless steel wetend pumps. Email LobePro about your application.

Sugar Industry

Rotary Lobe Pumps can pump thick juices, molasses, sugar syrups, waste sludge, and crystalline sugar syrup because our Positive Displacement Rotary Lobe Pumps have the ability to handle high viscosity fluids, low shear, and low pulsation measured flow. Email LobePro about your application.

Our Hydraulically Driven Submersible (HDS) are preferred in the sugar industry for canal sludge cleanup. Our Axial Flow Pump (AF) Series are a great solution for irrigation or for temporary pumping when having permanent lineshaft pumps repaired.

Other typical Industrial applications include:

  • Coke oven Sump
  • Nuclear Power Plant Dewatering
  • Power Plants
  • Petro-chemical plants
  • Tank Cleaning

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Do you have a challenging marine pumping application? Call contact Pump Consultant and Pensacola Branch Manager, Joe Hoffmann here. Joe will help you find the right solution for your project!

Typical applications include:

  • Barge Ballast
  • Ship to shore pumping applications
  • Salvage Work
  • Dredging Applications
  • Cofferdams
  • Dock Buidling/Jetting
  • Dry-Dock

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Do you have a challenging mining application that requires the utmost professionalism and safe operations that conforms to the MSHA standards? Please contact mine dewatering expert and Vice President of Sales, Eugene Lant by clicking here. Eugene will contact you shortly.

Many mining processes require dewatering. Rotary Lobe Pumps are well suited for feeding dewatering devices because of their ability to pump a measured, near pulseless flow at any pressure within the pump’s PSI range. Additionally, mining applications are often abrasive. Pump wear rate is greatly affected by pump speed. Typically, rotary lobe pumps run at 200-300 rpm in abrasive applications whereas centrifugal pumps are typically run at 1750 rpms. This results in much faster wear for centrifugal pumps. Rotary lobe pumps deal well with soft, compressible solids. However if the slurry consistently contains hard solids greater than 1/8” we can specify one of three methods: in-line grinder, filter, or knock-out tank. We have a broad variety of materials available to custom engineer a pump best suited to your application.

Our Hydraulically Driven Submersible (HDS) and Prime 3 Suction Lift Pumps (PT) series provide many solutions for mining solutions as well. HDS and PT Series pumps come in a wide variety of configurations and materials such as Stainless Steel.

Holland Pump has also found that out our Hydraulically Driven Submersible (HDS) pumps are very effective in light slurry applications with larger solids. Here’s why:

  • Holland Pump has a large fleet of these pumps so if you have a problem such as wear, we can provide you backup pumps on short notice; you won’t have long lead times and you won’t have to purchase that  2nd pump to have on hand
  • Our hydraulic pumps are fabricated so  the entire volute can be repaired and replaced; cast pump volutes on centrifugal  pumps are generally thrown out vs. being repaired
  • Our hydraulic pumps are much less expensive that competitor suction pumps
  • Do you really want to take a chance on an expensive suction lift pump when most of the time they wear out long before they are supposed to?
  • Hydraulic pumps push the material  and don’t have to be primed

Typical Mining applications include:

  • Borrow Pit
  • Gold Mining
  • Sand/ Gravel Pits
  • Phosphate Mining
  • Quarry Dewatering
  • Strip Mining
  • Coal Mining

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Sewer Bypass

Holland Pump has all the pumps and accessories to ensure that your bypass project is a success. Whether you require diesel primary pumps or electric primary pumps with diesel backup pumps, Holland Pump has a solution to your needs and has the reliable telemetry systems that your application demands. If you would like to speak to someone regarding your application right away please click here. Holland Pump’s Sewer Bypass Service Manager, Jamie Hon will respond right away.


Are you requiring large volume pumps such as hydraulically driven axial flow pumps or lineshaft pumps? Contact Holland Pump President, Win Blodgett here and he will respond to you shortly.

Standby Lift Stations

Holland Pump is a preferred vendor of JEA for Standby Lift Stations. Within Florida JEA is at the forefront of providing the lastest technology for permanent municipal pumping systems. If your municipality or engineering firm is involved in a Standby Lift Station project or looking to develop a program, please contact Pump Consultant and Jacksonville Branch Manager David Nichols here and he will contact you right away.


Do you need advice for your utility pumping? Would you like more information on wellpoint systems or Prime 3 Suction Lift Pumps for your storm water or other utility project?  Please contact Pump Consultant and Orlando Branch Manager Greg Chevalier here and he will contact you shortly.

Typical Municipal applications include:

  • Water Line Booster
  • Lift Stations
  • Pump Station
  • Sewer Bypass
  • Sludge Removal
  • Storm Water Control
  • Waste water treatment plant diversion projects
  • WWTP Plant

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