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Finish Faster

Holland Pump consultants are trained to help you select the pump system best suited for your application. Once the selection is made, our field service agents will assist you with the set-up of the pump system. Our policy is to stay at the job site until you are completely satisfied and the system is working properly. We service the equipment every 2 weeks to insure the pumps are operating efficiently.

Service technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Holland Pump is dedicated to meeting your needs and helping you achieve success.

Rental Services

We rent pumps sized from 4 - 42 inches that have pumping capacities of 500 gpm to 55,000 gpm. Whether you require an electric or diesel driven pump, Holland Pump promises to help our customers "finish faster" through superior product performance and service reliability.

The ultimate result is that Holland Pump customers save money on rent, fuel, crew, and equipment costs.

Our Blog

Dewatering the Everglades 2nd CERP Project, FAKA Union Pumping Station

The Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) is the nation’s largest environmental restoration project—the repair of Florida’s Everglades. This “River of Grass,” a collection of sawgrass marshes, freshwater ponds, prairies and forests, covered almost 11,000 square miles of South Florida just a century ago. Today it is half that size, drained by agriculture, development and flood [...]

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